Firstly I would just like to introduce myself my name is Nicholas may I am currently 31 years old from North London, All I can really say about my photography and my business
is I wouldn't have it any other way I love taking pictures of everything. Photography has always been part of my life ever since I picked up my first 35 mm camera when I was 14 years old at Glademore community school. I started getting into working in the darkroom developing my own photography which I would have to say was one of the highlights of my life, I think I preferred being in the darkroom over having to use digital but life and technology will always grow so we have to be the best at what we do. At the age of 16 I had my first image published in a magazine called Exposure magazine I then got a job working with them as their photographer and getting a lot of my work published in the magazine. 
At the age of 18 I wanted to step up my game and decided to take my photography business to the next level. I opened up Camclick and officially opened up my photography studio in Woodgreen off London which had to be shut down in 2013 due to a bike accident I had which left me unable to work for three years, then having to have three operations on my hand to try and repair the damage caused. Fortunately that hasn't happened I still haven't got the power in my hands but as they say life must go on and that hasn't stopped me. I am trying to rebuild my life and business to how it was before I had my bike accident. Now its 2018 I have been trying to rebuild my business back up from scratch in a new location.